12-13 October 2023, Areal Böhler, Düsseldorf, Germany
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Analytics you Want vs. Analytics you Need

Alexander Veit from TWIPLA will break down the importance of focusing on data that genuinely benefits your business, suggesting a shift from collecting a vast amount of data to a more purposeful and streamlined approach.

This talk will spotlight the need to align data practices with real business needs, emphasizing the importance of collecting and using data that directly impacts your business goals. It’s a deep dive into simplifying how we think about and use analytics, focusing squarely on what is most relevant and helpful.

Attend this session for a clearer understanding and straightforward strategies on data collection. It’s a chance to reevaluate and refine your approach to analytics, helping you to focus on what truly matters for your organization.

12.10.2023 16:00 - 16:45 Main Stage
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* without prejudice, speakers and sessions are subject to change