12-13 October 2023, Areal Böhler, Düsseldorf, Germany
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Leader as Healer: Activating Whole-self Intelligence

Join Nicholas Janni's Keynote on Activating Whole-Self Intelligence at the TYPO3 Conference2023. Discover how to navigate today's challenges by embracing a balanced approach, healing fragmentation, and redefining leadership. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite change!

Nicholas Janni's keynote "Activating Whole-Self Intelligence" delves into our current existential crises, driven by disruption and instability. Amidst global civilization and unprecedented destructive potential, we grapple with urgent issues like climate change and more. Yet, insufficient action prevails due to the dominance of scientific materialism and “hyper Yang”, left-brain thinking. This disconnect from our bodies, hearts, and souls leads to profound fragmentation and chaos. 

The Feminine has been utterly desecrated, while corporate culture thrives on imbalanced thinking that sidelines intuition and the intra- and interpersonal. Nicholas Janni challenges the notion of all answers residing in left-brain thinking and emphasizes the need to rediscover 'whole-self intelligence'. Over the last 20 years Nicholas has gained an international reputation for his teachings. With his experience in working with renowned CEOs worldwide, Janni aims to guide you in rectifying our fragmented existence and advocates for leaders to take responsibility in redefining corporate culture. The keynote invites you to address these challenges promptly.

This is the work of Leader as Healer.

The time for change is NOW.

12.10.2023 10:00 - 11:30 Main Stage
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